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Liberty, at all costs?

I prepared myself a few points, which may seem regretfully philosophical. All in all they deal with a general experience of liberty, as seen from a Central European country after twenty-five years of a political transition process. The more philosophical and reserved the reflections are, the better chance for humours.
If the Powerless are granted freedom to speak out whatever they like, it means that the Powerful assumed their freedom not to listen –or to listen just only to anything themselves like.
On the contrary, the Powerless are left to keep listening and swallowing what the mass-media offer. This means, what the Powerful want them to swallow.
Liberté, égalité, Beyoncé.
Actually, liberty itself is a quite tricky matter. A peculiar matter, hard to handle.
I think there must be some other principle. One that is complementary to the universal idea of liberty. One that makes liberty conditional, and vice versa.
By such principle I mean –justice.
With no principle of justice, you may have possess a freedom without any limits as a lion in a jungle. Or as a naked man in the same jungle shared with the lions.
With no principle of justice, you may have the freedom to become a millionaire.
With no principle of justice, you may have the freedom to sell your kidney or starve to death.
Liberty is a principle and a rule of Nature –and liberty as well is natural for every conscious individual. However, an individual cannot survive for too long. An individual as absolute, as imaginary as Robinson Crusoe, I consider unthinkable. Robinson, he‘s an ideal of a leadership… without ship.
In order to save his soul, or rather his stomach, a true survivor must cooperate with others. And amongst a few individuals, there emerges a kind of justice. It is conditioned by a common time and space –by a common environment.
If bare survival of the single human is based on his socialisation, then justice is not only a higher milestone of evolution, but a pure necessity for the preservation of mankind.
Which can become the cost of liberty, universal cost. Regardless, you are the powerful or the powerless.
Starving and humiliated individuals deprived of a basic feeling of security, deprived of any dignified livelihood, cease to be human individuals. They are reduced to animals, ready either to devour each other or to become extinct.
What should a schoolchild, who cannot afford a lunch, think about liberty? I guess their notion of liberty consists mostly of a satisfying meal at the moment. It is they who are paying for someone else‘s liberty.